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How to fail at goals but still win

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Squeeze every ounce of value from what you have? This is how.

notes from Jay Abraham's CTC MasterMind (3/8/24)

The Fear Transformation Framework: Learn How To Shape Fear Into A Beneficial Force

How Top Marketers Turn Rejection into Revenue: Secret Revealed

Vision and Philosophy: The Intersection of Business and Technology

Merging Technology with Entrepreneurship: A Synergy of Skills

Balancing Life and Work: The Role of Hobbies in Shaping My Professional Approach

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Hi, I Am Tyler Lindell

Founder of ASDF

My team and I write about Marketing, Offers, Leads, Sales, Finance, Growth, Strategy, Tactics, Revenue Growth, Lean Teams, Partnerships, JVs, Leverage, Frameworks, Mental Models, Principals, Tools.

I have a deep technical background and love the outdoors. Occasionally, these tend to find their way into my writing as well.

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