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​​Cold Message People without Spamming, Overworking, or Struggling

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  • Pay Yourself More
  • Get Partnerships
  • Create Collabs
  • Choose Your Customers
  • No More Fear
  • Pay Yourself More
  • Partnerships
  • Collabs
  • Choose Your Customers
  • No More Fear

Beyond Code - The Integrated Approach to Marketing in a Tech-Dominated World

Discover step-by-step Solutions to 37 Challenges in Cold Messaging through my new book

"I went from 0 connections to having calls with leaders from giants like Hyperloop, HP, Tesla, Boeing, NASA and 79 more"

Who Is This For?

  • Entrepreneurs, Ready to Pay Yourself More? It's exhausting operating a business and not pay yourself as much as you want. Let's change that. 
  • ​Business Leaders, Want To Get Money​ From Strategic Partnerships? ​Many large companies get a portion of their revenue from partnerships. Could partnerships drive a significant portion of your revenue for you?

  • Start-Ups, Want To Create Collaborations? Collaborating on projects can create significant gains by driving authority and showing off your skills. But you must strike when the iron is hot!
  • Founders,  Ready To Choose Your Customers? It’s hard to help people that don't want to be helped. Most ways of getting customers result in low quality leads. This is how you get the customers you want who will love you back and get great results.

  • Leader, Afraid Of Cold Messaging? Many are afraid of cold messaging people. I  used to be also! Let’s change that.​

What People Love About Beyond Code?

"This is incredibly accessible"

Fractional COO

"I have to buy this!"


"I wish I had this kind of help years ago"

Marketing Entrepreneur

What You'll Learn in this Book

"Beyond Code" is jam packed 103 pages of no-fluff, actionable content

  • People Not Responding?: Learn strategies to turn minimal responses into a surge of customer engagement. (Page 54)
  • People Being Mean?: Turn negative responses into sales with an unconventional approach that reveals hidden opportunities. (Page 64)
  • Getting Marked as Spam?: Discover foolproof methods to prevent your emails from being marked as spam. (Page 26)
  • ​​Messages Not Getting Opened?: Uncover secrets to making your messages instantly valuable and intriguing. (Page 104)
  • Not Sure What Customers Want?: Find out how to create perfectly targeted offers by listening to your audience in a way you've never imagined. (Page 56)
  • People Don't Believe You?: Gain instant authority with messages that showcase expertise, not through years of experience, but through a sneeky communication secret they don't want you to know about. (Page 88)
  • Need More Leads?: Master the art of generating quality leads quickly, focusing on smart strategies that work efficiently under tight deadlines. (Page 10)
  • Need More Sales?: Transform your outbound sales from a numbers game to a strategy game with moves you've never considered before. (Page 8)
  • Tired of Doing All The Work?: Embrace an automation approach that enhances personal touch in lead gen, blending human creativity with machine efficiency. (Page 18)
  • Scared to Send a Message?: Create lead magnets that captivate and convert by offering something uniquely different, not just more of the same. (Page 66)

What People Love (and not) About Beyond Code?

"I was going to ask for an audio version but this is so direct and to the point - I can just think about how I feel about a situation and the solutions are right there. Clear, Specific, Direct. Thank you!"

CEO/Tech Founder

"Book title is a little confusing but the content is powerful!" 

Tech COO

"This is severely underpriced"

Angel Investor

"You're offering too much. split them up to improve your profitability"

Director of AI at (Stealth Mode) Startup

What is this Book?

This book was written so you can weaponize the same solutions I use every day.

​I've failed in every way imaginable along my journey to these high-powered calls. Use this book to navigate through without the detours and explosives stopping you from reaching your dreams.​

​​Along my trek:

  • ​​"NO": after being told "NO" by everybody I sent a message to
  • Cold: after people asking who the fuck I am sending them a cold message out of the blue
  • ​Blocked: I've been blocked by several people
  • Malware: ​ and even been labelled as malware! (wow)
  • ​Solved: I finally figured it out!

Now - after a decade of trial and error, testing, and pushing the limits,

I'm able to get in front of leaders at huge companies!

Giants like Hyperloop, HP, Tesla, Boeing, NASA and 79 more incredible places.

This book contains every problem I've faced and more in trying to get in front of the people I used to only dream of talking to and it solves each one in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step framework.

​And now it's here for you to reach the people you currently dream of.

~ Don't take my word for it ~

​Here are what some of my new and old friends are saying

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"Partnering with Tyler transformed my marketing business. His expertise in defining our customer avatar and enhancing our solution communication was revelatory. We've developed an offer that's exactly what our customers needed."

stars png

Buringtina, AL

Not-Andrew jpg

"We were getting marked as spam, people weren't opening our emails. Tyler dug in and transformed our approach to customer engagement 180. More than advice, he shifted our perspective to truly speak our customers' language, resulting in a major increase in response rates.

stars png

Will, NY

Not-Andrew jpg

"I've collaborated with Tyler for over a decade. His integrity, exceptional mentorship, and ability to align technical expertise with business goals has enriched every project we've undertaken..."

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Dorian, WA

Integrated Approach?

Most companies use inbound marketing to attract customers but, now, equipped with the knowledge you'll gain from Beyond Code, you'll have the ability to have an integrated approach where you can manage both inbound as well as outbound without the trouble of figuring it all out on your own.

​in fact, this book is the first step in understanding a system that I've created called "EaseUp"! While life seems great from the outside looking in on business and entrepreneuerships, I noticed that there's a lot more work, time, energy, effort, attention, and capital than I originally expected when I started getting into founding companies. This lead me to sleepless nights, stress, poor eating, investing all into a failing business while missing out on the years of saving I should have been doing at the same time - in short, I was neglecting my body, my mind, my family, my financial future, and everything that has substance in life.

​I was burning myself into the ground while grinding on my businesses instead of allowing myself to enjoy the parts of life that have a long-term meaning to the overall quality, fulfillment, and enjoyment of people, health, and experiences all in the exchange for a dream of personal wealth beyond all imagination.

​It's meaningless without the people

​It's empty when the money is there but body is not able to enjoy it

​Building a successful business is about money at first but after a while it comes down to more than just numbers. It's actually meant to be used to get more out of life through experiences, building more; but not just for one's self, for building community, relationships, our body, our mind, and those same things for people we love.

​Money has no value until it's exchanged for something else.

 "EaseUp" is a system to ensure that both business and life can grow sustainably.

Beyond Code: The Integrated Approach to Marketing in a Tech-Dominated World is the first step in building that integrated system focusing first on business growth through creating direct inputs that can be dialed, scaled, and pulled on to dictate how much growth we have or don't have.

This book, and outbound marketing in general, are the keys to controlling and proactively growing business in the exact and targeted way we determine so we can participate in the parts of life that have even greater meaning beyond numbers with an active, present mind, healthy body, and with people we love.

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Meet the Author

Tyler Lindell

Hi, I'm Tyler Lindell, author and founder of ASDF. With two decades in tech and entrepreneurship, I've learned that real marketing growth is about sustainable revenue, not just creative ideas. In my book, I share this wisdom, guiding established marketing firms to building relationships with their dream partnerships, ideal customers, long-term business relationships with the companies they currently can only dream about. I've included practical, step-by-step solutions to 37 problems I've personally faced in cold messaging.

It's about smart growth, not overnight changes. My book focuses on achievable, impactful actions for your firm's long-term prosperity. Drawing from diverse experiences, I offer real-world solutions tailored to each unique marketing challenge.

In an ever-evolving industry, my book stands as your guide to reliable revenue growth strategies, blending your firm's vision with practical steps for lasting success. Join me on this journey to transform your firm's future.

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